Moroccan Doorways

Moroccan Doorways

On our recent trip in June 2013, I was taken back by the beauty, sights and design of many things in Marrakech and Morocco but I was impressed by the many moroccan doorways I saw. This blog study features particularly the moroccan doorways that appeared along the many whining  alleyways that make up and are the attraction of the historic Marrakech medina area. They reminded me a lot of Nepal and their individuality of doorways and windows.

This trip was to investigate what feature’s and designs could be incorporated into our varied projects. The doorways stood out from the high walled alleyways as their personal statement and apparent welcome of the owners behind via their doorways. Well thats what I romanced about them.

Our Arrival: From after leaving Abu Dhabi at 2am via Casablanca to Marrakech we found us without our scheduled pickup, phone dead and computer that for some reason decided not to work in other word stuck. Nevertheless our trip from Airport, by taxi, to Rihad in the Marrakech Medina certainly woke us up. As vehicles are not allowed into main medina area, it wasn’t long before we were walking the alleyways would be whining through a maze of different shops selling many locally produced handicrafts, restaurant’s and street food stalls. Unless you been there the pictures only tell part of the experience you feel as you meander your way in the medina. We hoped it would be and it was enlightening.

The all of a sudden, I realised, the doorways were a feature of otherwise continuos rendered on painted concrete walls that could be upwards of 7 to 8 meters straight up from the alleyway. These wall, doorways and windows would be fascinating and make the medina a truly special place along with the Moroccans citizens  themselves who were polite and encouraging.

The Morrocan Doorways seemed to appear from nowhere and one could only guess what was behind the doorways.

The picture (above) was the starting point of me starting to take particular interest in Moroccan Doorways for the all of the brief stay we had in Marrakech in June 2013. Note the detail and sensational workmanship put into what could only be described as a works of art as much as just another doorway.


Hope you like this small selection of moroccan doorways and hope they help provide inspiration for your projects and designs.







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