Your Home – Guide to Building

Your Home – Guide to BuildingYourHome

Your Home is your guide to building, buying or renovating a home. It shows how to create a comfortable home with low impact on the environment – economical to run, healthier to live in and adaptable to your changing needs.

This Australian Government Web site is an excellent starting point for your home project. The web site deals with 4 main segments of sustainable housing.

Your Home – guide to building is a web site very worthwhile to research before you begin. Reviewing items of location, orientation, heating and cooling to enable home owners to understand more about the real cost’s of owning and maintaining your home.

It allows couples to try and decide some important principals for when they are briefing their designer or in fact when considering a building block to ensure the location and options for siting a dwelling are provided to a specific block of land.

We trust you will find this web site worthwhile.

First Home Buyers Boost

First Home Buyers Boost

In times where the public is being superbly massaged by Labor spin doctors to save their skins (please review their performance over last 6 years fellow Australian voters), the Victorian Governments new First Home Buyers Boost Grant of $10,000 from the 1st of July 2013 is a great example of government doing something as against nothing. With little fanfare to earn votes or praise Victoria couple have a little window of positive to help them.

As times roll on where young couples being able to even conceive buying a home, with Bankers, Corporate Employers and Governments all equally competing and ensuring (making the) elite wealthy even stronger, these small handouts to the future moms and dads, the future of our country, important and critical. As a tax payer I see it as money well spent against a Prime Minister his wife and kids flying to Indoensia for an 18 hours tea party. Give us a break. Hopefully Australian voters do not get sucked in again. OK back on track now Ross your frustrations are showing through.

The new deal is that First home buyers in Melbourne who purchase a new home from 1 July can look forward to saving an average of $5258 more than those purchasing an existing home.  This clearly to encourage house building and therefore economic activity.

Reforms to the First Home Owner Grant to boost the housing market in Melbourne as more first time buyers take the plunge to capitalise on the bonuses and stamp duty savings.

For contracts entered into on or after 1 July 2013 to build or purchase a new home, a payment of up to $10,000 is available for eligible first home buyers. For contracts entered into prior to 1 July 2013, a payment of up to $7000 is payable to eligible first home buyers. This grant is not means-tested nor is it restricted by the price of the property for contracts entered into prior to 1 January 2010.

On reviewing media releases I noted “Master Builders Deputy Executive Director Radley de Silva said that targeting the grant to newly constructed homes would give residential builders in the region a much needed boost and support jobs.” “New housing starts in Victoria have dropped dramatically and measures like this will help stimulate a positive turnaround in activity,” Mr de Silva said. Those buying a new house off-the-plan in Melbourne will now receive an average of $12,798 in stamp duty discounts and bonuses – up from $9098 (a difference of $3700).”

“Incentivising first home buyers to purchase newly constructed homes is a win-win situation for the local economy. More people will be able to afford a home and more builders will remain viable,” said Mr de Silva

“These initiatives will help our industry to rebound, support local businesses and stimulate investment in the community.”

The State Government announced reforms to the First Home Owner Grant in April.

First home buyers boost is that buyers will receive a $10,000 grant when purchasing a new home from 1 July valued less than $750,000. Their stamp duty concessions will also rise for properties valued up to $600,000 from 30 to 40 per cent, followed by another increase to 50 per cent in September 2014.


Whilst the First Home Buyers Boost is very welcomed I would like to see Federal Government (Labour or Liberal) also provide weight to this segment of the economic market. Its not rocket science that housing and general construction market is of long term value to the country. Federal incentives should be weighted with emphasis to “long term green purchases into new and existing homes within a new home to reduce long term energy production”. maybe one or two hundred reductions in politician overseas holidays (oh sorry research trips…) and fantastically paid consultants to be on government sponsored committees could be a step from the clear corruption’s we are seeing within our political bureaucracy.


 New housing starts in Victoria have dropped 20 per cent over the past two years from 59,170 in 2010/11 to 47,600 in 2012/13.

 New housing starts are set to rise to about 48,600 in 2013/14.

 The median cost of a vacant block in Melbourne is $212,500.

 The median cost of a house in Melbourne is $448,000.

Master Builders press release
State Government revenue Office – click to review more info



Design Build Expo Melbourne 27th to 29th June 2013

The Design Build Expo is on this coming to Melbourne this week and we will be attending and assisting the BDAV with manning their stand on Wednesday 27th June.

This new-look DesignBUILD features Australia’s largest and most comprehensive showcase of domestic and international building products, services and technologies in an interactive environment, complemented by educational seminars.

This expo has gained significant supports by a large range of leading manufacturers and producers both Australian and Overseas. The expo present’s and opportunity to view touch and learn about some of the leading edge building materials and products in or coming into the building industry segment.

I personally will be most interested in the Green Building Zone which I hope will begin to provide not only environmentally green outcomes at affordable pricing but hopefully options that can gain mass support and inclusion into good design outcomes for Australian Homes and Buildings.

Who is the BDAV – some background about The Builders Designer Association of Victoria. 

The BDAV is an industry body which acts for building design professionals. The BDAV is a not-for-profit organisation, registered under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act. It is managed by a committee of volunteers from amongst the membership, whose objective is to advance the profession of building design, by offering cost-effective, quality, membership services and benefits to meet the needs of this growing sector of the building industry community.

Design Build Expo Details

Where and When

27-29 June 2012 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre starting Wednesday: 10am – 6pm Thursday: 10am – 8pm and finishing Friday: 10am – 5pm

As this expo will appeal to designer, builders and consumers there’s sure to be many items of interest due to the diversity of exhibitors on show. A couple of the activities you may find particularly interesting  include;


Get ‘hands on’ with the very latest power tools from industry leading suppliers.
Find out more


Explore a hand-picked selection of the top innovative products in the market.
Find out more


Get to the heart of green building with technologies that represent the future in sustainable design.
Find out more

This expo has gained significant supports by a large range of leading manufacturers and producers both Australian and Overseas. The expo present’s and opportunity to view touch and learn about some of the leading edge building materials and products in or coming into the building industry segment.

I personally will be most interested in the Green Building Zone.


Myself and Craig will be happy to discuss any proposed building design or extension idea you maybe be considering when we man the BDAV stand between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesday.

BDAV stand H36

Visit the Design Build expo site for free entry tickets for trade patrons. Click