Check your Builders Details

Check your Builders Details

When considering your project there are many important tasks to consider. When your plans or concepts are ready you must select and decide on a Builder. Having the right builder for your project is based on experince and performance then price. Having selected the right builder will assist in ensuring your build is successful.

Certainly, having a builder recommended can help so ask friends, colleagues and family. Ensuring you know that the builder is experinced in the type of build your proposing will assist in getting the right outcome. If the products your proposing to use are specilalised then selecting an authorised distributor may ensure a better outcome.

Who is your Builder

  1. Are they good at this say New Homes, or are they a more into extensions, or small projects like Verandah’s and Deck’s. This is important that your project fits their skill set.
  2. Are they Registered as a Builder and therefiore able to insure their performance and carry appropriate public liability insurance. (Are they asking you to be the buider and therefore removing the cost and risk from their shoulders might indicate they don’t have correct registration and approved skill set).
  3. Are the products they proposing carrying the warranty that your expectations are considering or do they seems confused or uncertaint or just assuring you without real qualification.
  4. Does there estimate include all items required and discussed. Was is writtern and detailed as per the law. Projects in Victoria over $10,000 required a major building contract. Buiilder and there comaomy should both be registered by VBA. (see link below)
  5. Have you viewed any products details and manufacturers warranties and confirmed details provided.
  6. What is the timeframe. Start leadtime and Completion Estimate.
Check your Bulders details here

What do you Check about your Builder

  1. Is the Builder Registered as a registered building company
  2. Do they have a registered office and products to view such as a display centre.
  3. Are they just a mobile phone number
  4. Are their products and warranties or guarrantees visible and backed by the manufacturer
  5. Do they have a real prior trading history or recent block testimonies all saying same. They say 10 years 20 years but simply not backed up.
  6. Does their product manufacturer list them as an authorised distributor and are actually providing any preceived warranty.

While we only prepare plans for our clients but we like to encourage our clients that they begin research on selecting their builder options early. Thoroughly research that segment as their performance will be the differentce between and good or poor performance to your project.

A successfull project will require a good understanding builder who’s intent is to achieve a qaulity result