Six-Star Energy System – Here one moment, gone then back again

Well what a week in energy ratings.

Firstly an email from BDAV saying”


Government ‘Green Rating Backflip’

Members may have read the article on the front page of today’s Age about the Victorian Government considering scrapping the 6-Star energy requirements.  If you missed the article, you can view it by CLICKING HERE.

BDAV is dismayed about this proposal, and is using all of our resources to fully understand what this means for our members, and for the industry. BDAV President, Tim Adams, responded by talking on ABC Radio this morning with Jon Faine, as did other seasoned environmental designers and energy raters, including Andreas Sederof. Members can be assured that we are taking this matter very seriously. We have been in dialogue with both our political lobbyist, and our PR advisors this morning, and we will be lobbying strenuously on this matter. We will also be endeavouring to arrange a meeting with Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, to obtain a clearer understanding of the Government’s intent. BDAV will keep members informed as more information comes to hand

16 April 2012


then we got

Six-Star Energy System to Stay

Further to yesterday’s BDAV News Flash, Members are advised that the Victorian Government has abandoned the proposed scrapping of the 6-Star energy requirements. This was announced on the 3pm news yesterday, and is supported by another front-page story in today’s Age. To read today’s Age article, CLICK HERE.

BDAV would like to take this opportunity to thank all those Members who contacted us yesterday in support of our activities in relation to this matter. BDAV will continue to pursue media and Ministers to ensure that the facts about
6-Star are not railroaded by others with self-vested interests, or influenced by those who may not understand the savings in long-term energy costs that higher star-ratings offer to both home/property owners, and the resultant reduced impact on our natural environment.

17 April 2012

Firstly, great to see our association at work… well done.

Secondly, although don’t know personally the politics but come on Ted you guys better than this. Or are you…..

Thirdly, just finished FirstRate5 course and realised that not only did I and others not really become proficient, but we are now dangerous by what we don’t know.

As I have worked in the industry for over 18 years, I have some grasp on the issues, but other class mates green as grass to the building industry and if accredited I wonder what their reports will be like and how they will be at risk by what they weren’t told.

Certainly no reference to my class mates efforts, interest or capacity but more so the schooling structure and lack of interest in the result by the school and for $250 a day per student a disgrace.

Its only about the money and our government should look at these Goliath’s and how schooling and practical school is failing our society rather than punch up smart energy savings being built into our homes for the future.

Interesting it took a business industry based association to take up the cause… again well done BDAV good to see someones alert.