Planning Red Tape under fire from Government.

As associated with a number of planning application every year I was please to read recent advice from BDAV which advised ” Victoria’s Planning minister, Mathew Guy, has declared war on planning red tape in a media release which the minister has announced cuts to planning red tape. In a move to reform the planning system the media release has not yet been posted to Governments website, you can access the details CLICKING HERE.”

As The Project Centre is directly involved with the Extension side of the building segment the need to obtain a planning permit is triggered constantly due to reduced lot sizes, questionable parameters such as Verandah having maximum height of 3m and decks above 800mm. The facts that almost 99% of applications are approved and for good reason indicates the some trigger parameters must be changed to reflect usual outcomes and reduce planning application numbers. its gotta help the community deal with the real planning issues.

My hope is that the planning review committee is able to understand residents constant frustration to the added cost and delays that a 99% approved outcome provides. Simply there are many planning triggers outside planning real community service domain. To have building and planning at odds due to poor base regulation is producing substantial non productive cost to community at a time when all budgets are under stain. The system should not be based on the community should just pay for ineffective regulation. I note I’m referring mainly to one segment I’m generally involved in the planning area not all planning controls.

As Drafting  Company providing building services we are constantly embroiled in the time delay and extra costs whereby our professionally is questioned by clients for delays beyond our control.. Clearly the Planning community cannot accept ResCode as a reasonable outcome. This should be reviewed. The costs to councils in processing these applications also must be factor that is hurting the community services for no real gain. Yes there is good reason to have planning overlays but they should be reasonable in structure, impact and deliver communities with real gains.

So lets hope changes made will be productive to the planning departments massive workloads and therefore the community.

Congratulations to the Planning Minister Mathew Guy for starting the process let’s hope he keeps his nerve amongst the vested parties.

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The Victorian Planning System Ministerial Advisory Committee’s report and the government’s response are available online at

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