New Colorbond Colours released

New Colorbond Colours Released 18th October 2013

As is a usual practise every 2 or 3 years Bluescope change their colour range for Colour. The new colorbond colours released 18th October 2013 entails not only new colours but also removal of old colours. Not always is this met with acclaim or agreement but it becomes what it is over the next few months as the only colours available subject to stock in market of discontinued colours.

This new release seems very earthy and lacks a real new fresh colour. The emphasis somewhat aligned with recent rendering colours and general exterior paint colours which by nature change and develop more quickly than the bluescope economies allow. I hope this new range is the future not the past.

colorbond logo follow this link to the new range.

Colorbond is a leading trademark for pre-coloured metal. Fact’s are that other local and imported producers compete into this market segment with arguably comparable performance outcomes but coloured steel is known purely as Colorbond. Not all suppliers offer the exactly the same benefits as Bluescope Colorbond. So if you want Colorbond ensure thats exactly what is supplied or, check what other manufacturers offer in terms of performance and warranty.

For Consumers – The bottom-line is Colourbond does provide the better warranty, service and support for their consumers and these benefits should not be ignored.

For Bluescope Clients – it would be nice if they appreciated their Australian and overseas partners, resellers and general industry partners better as their reputation isn’t so glowing. In fact quite the reverse. With almost closedown profit results over last 2 -3 years, and way to big executive salaries and bonus for poor performance, they need to earn back some respect with less arrogance and better hands on staffing and customer focused business.

What the new colours mean – Certainly the loss of some colours will be annoying for latter matching and continuation, although other suppliers may fill some of the gaps, but the addition of new colours will provide designers and builders with some more current colour options and is a reasonable step forward although maybe a bit too earthy without a fresh colour.

icon-roofing this link will tie you to features and benefits of Colourbond

Product development – Design wise the recent development of colour metal walling profiles beyond the standard corrugated, tray and mini orb options. The Fielders Finesse is an excellent example of moving forward indesign with coloured steel. As Bluescope have made a play for Fielders will be interesting if newness will be arrogance in this merger.

finesse-logo  check out this link for more information on this product.

Looking forward to seeing the your comments and discussion on the colorbond colour changes from this release.